What is Zumba?

– The perfect and effective combination of aerobics and dance
– Easy! – It’s for everyone, because it’s simple: Doesn’t matter age or anything
– Powerful! – You can burn up to 700 calories: Based on cardio with toning, forms your body

Why is this Zumba different?

– Because the country’s most qualificated Zumba instructor guarantees the fun and the result

If you prepare for the first class:

– Good if you already know it may seem difficult at first, but for the second time you realize how easy is it and why everyone does Zumba from 5 to 85
– On the first lesson everyting’s new, but you’ll  quickly realize that each song repeats 4–5 easy movements due to the rulesof the Zumba (the most important is the success, the move, and the smile) 
– If you like the atmosphere, don’t worry about anything, this is the place to be!
– You don’t have anything to lose, you already get 50% discount at your first time!


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